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    Tuesday, January 09, 2007


    – (Part Two)

    If you have two cars and need to move the child seat between cars regularly, then get a seat that is light and easy to install. Or better yet, get two safety car seats to spare you the trouble of constant transferring.

    Always check if the seat belt is firm and the straps are not twisted and fit snugly. Adjust the harness and the shoulder straps as the child grows. Do not continue to use this restraint if your child has outgrown the seat. Make sure you purchase a child car restraint or car seat that complies accordingly to Australian Safety Standards. When fitted correctly, only then can good parents like you have peace of mind while traveling with your kid.

    Additional Resources

    •, online shopping site in Australia where you can find quality child restraints.
    •, free used car classifieds where you can find the best value, child-friendly automobiles in Australia
    •, has guidelines from the Australian Safety Standards for child safety seats.

    Booster Seat

    This is for children who have outgrown their safety car seat. Children who are 14-26 kg or from 2 years to 7 years are ready for the booster seat.

    A general guideline in buying a booster seat is to check if your child's eyes are at the same level as the vehicle's headrest.

    Also, the sash part must only cross your child's shoulder and must not run across his or her neck. If this occurs, then your child is still not tall enough to use a booster seat.

    Types of Booster Seats

    Booster Seats with Back and Side Wings

    The side wings protect the child's head and neck against impact collisions and at the same time offer comfort as your child sleeps.

    Child Car Seat/Booster Seat Combination

    This combination may be used as a car seat until your child reaches approximately 18 kg. This booster seat raises the height of your child so that an adult seat belt fits properly. Then the harness straps can be tucked away inside the seat when it becomes a booster with a lap/sash belt.

    Booster Cushions

    Not recommended since there is no back, neck, or head support. In a collision, they do not offer any real protection for your child, unlike the first two types with back support.

    Many other quality sites which offer advice are Another thing to remember is that should you buy a used car online, make sure it has a child seat fitted. Check's auto classifieds, where you can find the right combination of motor vehicle and safety seat for your child.


    Is Your Used Car Child-Friendly?

    Come to OzFreeOnline Cars. Sign up, post your ad, and browse the best child-friendly Australian used cars today! All for free!

    posted by eXtreme driver @ 11:53 PM  
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