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    Tuesday, January 09, 2007


    – (Part One)

    By law, all adults, children, infants and toddlers, must wear a seat belt at all times when traveling in a motor car in Australia.

    But let's not just use a seat belt because the law says so; seat belts and car seats are made for our safety, so let's do ourselves and our loved ones that priceless favor.

    Anxious caring parents will often get the most expensive safety car seat for their darling baby, but the truth is no one car seat is the best or the safest.

    When choosing a car seat, the best one has the right fit for your vehicle, for your baby, and for your budget. Of course, a car seat is only as good as how you use it, so make sure you follow the instructions in buckling up your infant properly.

    Child restraints are very important especially for older styles of used cars. Sites like and offer information on suitable infant restraints for your vehicle, as well as car safety features for your child.

    Important safety rules

    • Always use a car safety seat appropriate for your child's age and weight.
    • Start early by using the car seat for your baby on her first ride home from the hospital.
    • Never place a child in a rear-facing car safety seat in the front seat of a vehicle that has a passenger air bag.
    • The safest place for all children to ride is in the back seat.
    • Set a good example for your child. If they see you buckling up before you drive, they'll get the habit.
    • Read and strictly follow the instructions of your car safety seat.
    • Get an licensed technician to install your car safety seat.

    There are four basic types of car seats and restraints for babies and children.

    • Infant restraint
    • Child car seats
    • Booster seats
    • Child harness

    Infant Restraint

    Infant restraints are for babies from birth up to six months of age, or babies at least 9 kg.

    Infant restraints are designed to have your baby face rearward. This means that the baby must lie down, as this is the safest way to travel. Moreover, this supports the back and neck of the infant in the event of a collision or during heavy braking.

    Convertible or Dual-Purpose Infant Restraint

    These are specifically designed to be used in the rearward facing position until a baby weighs 8-9 kg, at which time it can then be used as a child car seat in the forward facing position.

    Convertible restraints can be used as your child grows, but experts still suggest you use a single-purpose infant restraint that is specifically fitted for your baby.

    Safety Procedures When Using an Infant Seat

    • Do not fold a baby’s napkin too thickly at the back because the baby’s back will not be supported evenly and will cause discomfort.
    • If there is an airbag in a position where an infant restraint is to be used, check the car owner's manual for advice in this instance.
    • Keep the Velcro strap of the restrain free from lint so that they sticks tightly.
    • Adjusted the harness's fit on the baby as snugly as possible, making sure that they are not slack and the straps are not twisted.

    Additional Resources

    •, for safety features your car should have right now.
    • car classifieds, where you can find details about various infant restraints suitable for your motor vehicle's make.

    For Toddlers/Small Children

    Babies should only move into a child car seat once they weigh around 8-9 kg and can hold they head up easily on their own. For toddlers six months to four years (8 to18kg), use a forward-facing child car seat. Because these car seats are forward-facing, do not use them with vehicle seats that face sidewards or rearwards. Most good online sites like, and offer information in their classifieds about child car restraints, as well as products you can purchase online.


    Is Your Used Car Child-Friendly?

    Come to OzFreeOnline Cars. Sign up, post your ad, and browse the best child-friendly Australian used cars today! All for free!

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